We are a creative photo and video team based in Indianapolis 

specializing in food and environmental sustainability.

Kelley says, "One of the first things that stood out to me about JD was his thoughtfulness and I expect you’ll feel the same way. He’s genuine and loyal which lends itself well to Skyler Creative. He’s committed to the job until it’s done right and not without a weird, dry sense of humor. His 15+ years of experience in marketing  balance out my “art student” tendencies. I’ll probably die before witnessing him reading a novel, but at least he’ll keep me educated on all things food and environment."

Skyler Creative is JD and Kelley Schuyler

(any guesses on how to pronounce our last name?)

JD says, "Kelley has an energy for life that is hard to match. Believe me, I don’t even try anymore. In her work, she has a love for light and color and an ability to bring human emotion into anything. Her role in Skyler Creative keeps us focused on creativity and being better than we were before. She may or may not help herself to flowers that are on private property, but she’s still the most honest person you’ll work with."

We give 1% of our sales back to the environment through 
One Percent for the Planet

Let's work together!

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